Business Immigration

The UK immigration laws are constantly changing; it takes just forty days for the Secretary of State to amend the UK Immigration Rules in Parliament, affecting the rights of many foreign nationals to enter, remain, work, study or bring family to the UK.

Frequent case law gives rise to binding court precedent and interprets the UK immigration rules and governing statutes.

All organisations employing foreign nationals will benefit from our business services to remain a step ahead of the complex legal changes, sponsorship duties and harsh enforcement mechanisms.

Whether you are an educational establishment, company, an international entrepreneur or an investor wishing to stimulate the UK economy and develop your business, Compass Immigration Law Ltd will tailor a dedicated and professional service to meet your needs.

Business Services

Examples of our business and education sector services include:

  • Tier 1 PBS Investor and entrepreneur entry visas, extension and permanent residence applications and appeals;
  • Business consultancy to gauge the readiness of your business to changes in UK immigration law and policy, including the Resident Market Labour Test;
  • Tier 2 PBS skilled workers sponsor licenses and employee applications;
  • Guidance and applications for Tier 1 highly-skilled migrants;
  • Business, prospective entrepreneur, sportsperson, religious, student and medical visit  visa advice and applications;
  • Tier 4 student visa applications, licences and appeals;
  • Batch application services for multiple employees or consultants;
  • Same-day priority service;
  • Compliance audit and inspection; and
  • Applications for licensing following the revocation or downgrade of a sponsor license.

The above list of business services offered by Compass Immigration Law Ltd is not exhaustive. If your enquiry does not fall under one of the aforementioned categories please contact us to discuss your matter as we may be able to assist.

Please do not hesitate to contact, our knowledgeable business consultants are available 7 days a week and can provide advice by phone, office appointment, attendance at your premises or over the internet.