Asylum Legal Aid

Asylum Legal Aid Division

In addition to our private legal advice services and business consultancy, Compass Immigration Law Ltd offers an Asylum Legal Aid division, accepting new cases from April 2013.

The Asylum Legal Aid division is operated exclusively from both our Bolton and Preston office and serves clients within the Greater Manchester region. Asylum Legal Aid is available to only a limited number of clients each year.

Legal Aid is available to clients in asylum claims, asylum appeals and asylum fresh claims and is subject to an income assessment. A prospective new client will need to provide Compass with recent evidence of their income before we can accept their case.

Asylum appeals and higher appeals in particular are also subject to ‘merits assessment’ and legal aid will only be made available where the client’s case is assessed to carry a 50% or greater prospect of success at appeal.

Prospective new clients should attend our weekly Monday drop-in service with evidence of their identity, income, Home Office case details and any supporting evidence.

Asylum Drop-In Service

Compass Immigration Law Ltd offer a weekly asylum drop-in service from both our Bolton Head Office and our Preston office. For Bolton, drop-in runs on Mondays between 10:00am to 1:30pm – for Preston, they are held on Fridays between 10:00am to 1:30pm. Please be advised this is except public holidays and closures for operational purposes.

The aim of our drop-in service is to establish whether attendees have a UK immigration legal matter that we can assist with and ascertain whether it would be appropriate for Compass Immigration Law to provide advice and representation on a fee-paying basis. We also hold a Legal Aid contract and will assess those in receipt of NASS support or otherwise destitute with an Asylum matter for eligibility under our Legal Aid Agency funding.

No appointment is required for drop-in, though you may need to wait and we cannot guarantee that you will be seen.

We ask that all attendees please bring evidence of their household’s combined income for the month prior to attendance or NASS support letter dated within the last 6 months. It is also recommended that attendees who do not speak English bring with them an English-speaking friend to assist during drop-in.

Photographic identification is essential for all attendees for the purposes of record-keeping, otherwise you will not be seen.

Compass Immigration Law Ltd also offers an immigration and asylum legal advice surgery with SWAP (Support for Wigan Arrivals Project) in Wigan on the second Tuesday of every month. To meet with a consultant at SWAP please ring 01942 614 486 to make an appointment.

Unfortunately, Legal Aid is no longer available for the vast majority of immigration cases.