Windrush Compensation Scheme overhauled

The Home Office have recently issued guidance detailing reformations regarding the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

Here’s what you need to know.

(Updated as of 14 December 2020)

What is the Windrush Scheme?

Established by the Home Office, the Windrush Compensation Scheme was implemented to aid Commonwealth citizens, their children, and other long-term residents in acquiring documentation (free of charge), to prove their immigration status.

What changes have been made to the Windrush Compensation Scheme?

After consulting with the Windrush Working Group, the government has announced the following changes to the Windrush Compensation Scheme:

  • Once their claim has been approved, individuals that have been impacted by Windrush will now receive a minimum of £10,000 compensation via the Impact on Life category
  • This will be paid as a new early preliminary payment if they can show any impact on life
  • Payments at all levels within the Impact on Life category has risen from £10,000 to £100,000 for all eligible cases
  • Preliminary payments will commence this week
  • Affected individuals will be considered for either a preliminary or final payment in the first quarter of 2021
  • Cases where an offer or payment has already been made will be reviewed to implement the necessary increases
  • The 12-month cap on compensation for lost earnings will be removed.

Please be advised that the above information is not exhaustive as there are more requirements and points to consider.

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