EU Settlement Scheme: looked after children and care leavers guidance

For local authorities and health and social care trusts, the Home Office have issued new guidance pertaining to looked after children and care leavers under the EU Settlement Scheme.

Here’s what you need to know.

(Updated as of 01 May 2020)

The mandatory obligations of local authorities and health and social care trusts supporting looked after children and care leavers include:

  • To identify adequately trained resource to manage and make applications.
  • To identify eligible children, including;
    • looked after children for whom the authority has parental responsibility
    • looked after children who are accommodated
    • care leavers
    • any other children in receipt of local authority support, for example children in need.
  • To identify key signposting responsibilities towards each eligible child and put plans in place to ensure this signposting support takes place
  • To determine, for each child the local authority has parental responsibility for, whether you will be applying online and whether you can use the EU Exit: ID Document Check app or will be posting their identity document to the Home Office to be checked and returned
  • To keep an adequate record of each application made, including the status granted and which email address and phone number were used. You should also note the answers given to memorable questions in each case, in case the Home Office needs to authenticate you or the child to discuss the application
  • To record plans for monitoring the child’s status, including future actions, with deadlines, to be carried out, in order, where the child is granted pre-settled status (generally where they been continuously resident in the UK for less than five years), to apply to convert this to settled status at the appropriate time in the child’s care plan or the care leaver’s pathway plan

Please be advised that the above information is not exhaustive as there are more requirements and points to consider.

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