EU Settlement Scheme: current estimated processing times for applications

If you have made an application under the EU Settlement Scheme, the Home Office have issued information relating to estimated processing times.

Here’s what you need to know.

(Updated as of 21 May 2020)

Once you have made an application, you do not need to contact the Home Office. If further information is required, you will be contacted and there will be no change to your status in the UK whilst your application is being processed.

“It usually takes around 5 working days for complete applications to be processed if no further information is required, but it can take up to a month.”

“Your application is likely to take longer than a month to process if:”

  • “we need to request more information from you”
  • “you’re applying as a minor and your application is not linked to an adult”
  • “you submit a paper application – for example if your application is based on a derivative right to reside in the UK”
  • “you have a relevant criminal record”
  • “you’re a non-EEA or non-Swiss citizen and are applying based on a relationship you haven’t relied on in a previous application to the Home Office”

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