Bangladesh: tuberculosis test clinics for a UK visa

The Home office have recently issued guidance on where to get tested for tuberculosis (TB) in Bangladesh for your UK visa application.

Here’s what you need to know.

(Updated as of 03 June 2021)

Why would I need to be tested for tuberculosis in Bangladesh for a UK visa?

If you are a resident of Bangladesh and you wish to come to the UK for more than 6 months, you must be tested for tuberculosis. Tests must be conducted by a Home Office approved clinic. Any test conducted by a non-Home Office approved clinic will be accepted.

Where are the approved test clinics to be tested for tuberculosis in Bangladesh for a UK Visa?

  • Migration Health Assessment Clinic
    Ground & First Floors
    House: 13/A
    Road: 136
    Dhaka 1212


  • Migration Health Assesment Clinic (MHAC)
    Medi-Aid Heart Centre
    South Dorga Gate (Near Minar)
    Dorga Moholla
    Sylhet 3100

How do I make an appointment at a test clinic to be tested for tuberculosis in Bangladesh for a UK Visa?

Appointments can be arranged via telephone, email or by visiting the clinic in person. When contacting the clinic to arrange an appointment, you must clarify you need the test for a UK visa application. Appointments are usually given within a few days of your request.

What should I bring with me to test clinic to be tested for tuberculosis in Bangladesh for a UK Visa?

  • valid identification which contains your photograph such as a passport, national ID card or Refugee Asylum Seeker Card
  • a photocopy of your identification
  • the tuberculosis test fee
  • if you have had tuberculosis in the past or have any other lung disease you should provide details of your previous screening and, if possible, your medical notes and x-ray results

If you would like an appointment with a female clinician, please ask the clinic when you schedule your appointment.

How much does it cost to be tested for tuberculosis in Bangladesh for a UK Visa?

The fee for the test will be dependent on age. If you are:

  • 11 years and above, the fee is 85 USD
  • Below 11 years, the fee is 30 USD
  • Below 11 years – follow up investigation, the fee is 85 USD

Though the fee must be paid in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT), the US dollar amount will be converted and will be dependent on the IOM official exchange rate.

Also, please be advised that:

  • The cost of the test is in addition to the visa application fee.
  • The fee is not refundable if the person is tested positive for TB or decides not to travel to the UK, or their visa is refused.
  • The test fee does not cover treatment if you already have TB.
  • All children will need to initially have a certificate which will be issued after a questionnaire and physical exam. If there is any indication of TB, a chest X-ray will be conducted along with other follow up tests.

Please be advised that the above information is not exhaustive as there are more requirements and points to consider.

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