Here at Compass Immigration Law Ltd, our aim is to provide a professional, friendly, and transparent service. Our fixed-fee covers all immigration and asylum advice and services that we are registered to provide to our clients.

Advice only

Ranging from £30 – £333 (excluding VAT), our advice only packages range from (but are not limited to):

  • 20-minute drop-in immigration consultation
  • 1-hour general advice
  • 1-hour form filling
  • 1-hour application checking service
  • Document/evidence perusal

Appointment services

Ranging from £83 – £125 (excluding VAT), our appointment services packages (available in conjunction with advice and application packages) range from:

  • Attendance from your home or office (restrictions and exclusions apply)
  • Prison/detention centre visit (restrictions and exclusions apply)
  • Appointments after 5pm and on weekends

Immigration (NON-PBS) application packages

Ranging from £500 – £1250 (excluding VAT), our Immigration (NON-PBS) application packages (in conjunction with applications for entry clearance, to extend your visa, switch to another category of visa, application for permanent residence or EEA applications) range from but are not limited to:

  • Family Reunion
  • Visit Visa
  • EEA
    • Family Permit
    • Residence Card
    • Settlement Scheme – Settled and Non-Settled Status
  • From overseas and in-country
    • Fiancé(e)/ Spouse / Unmarried partner / civil partner
    • Family life as the child of a parent and parent of a child
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain

Acquiring British nationality

Ranging from £82.50 to £1000 (excluding VAT), our British nationality packages are:

  • Naturalisation as a British citizen
  • Registration as a British citizen

Other applications and services

Ranging from £82.50 to £125 (excluding VAT), our other applications and services packages range from but are not limited to:

  • Non-legal letter writing
  • Convention Travel Document
  • Certificate of Travel

Points Based System (PBS) – application packages

Ranging from £1000 – £1833.33 (excluding VAT), our Points Based System (PBS) – Application Packages range from but are not limited to:

  • Tier 2, 4 and 5 – Entry clearance and in-country
  • Tier 1 – Entry clearance and in-country

Points Based System (PBS) – services for sponsors

Ranging from £125 – £1833.33 (excluding VAT), our Points Based System (PBS) – services for sponsors (in conjunction with business consultancy, compliance and audit advice and representation for Tier 2 and Tier 4 sponsorship license applicants or holders) range from but are not limited to:

  • Attendance at office
  • Tier 2 or Tier 4 sponsorship license application

Asylum application packages

Ranging from £416 – £1250 (excluding VAT), our asylum application packages (in conjunction with advice and assistance on your asylum or humanitarian protection claim regardless of immigration status), range from but are not limited to:

  • Attendance at Home Office Substantive Asylum Interviews
  • SET(P)
    • SET(P) – ‘Active Review’ and complex applications £1250.00
  • Initial Asylum Claim
  • Further Submissions/Fresh Claim

Appeal and bail packages

Ranging from £41 – £2250 (excluding VAT), our appeal and bail packages (Following the refusal of an immigration application, asylum or human rights claim carrying a requisite right of appeal), range from but are not limited to:

  • Completion of Reply Notice for Pre-Hearing Review
  • Merits test
  • Bail hearing only
  • Advocacy at the First-tier Immigration and Asylum Chamber
  • Full First-tier appeal package

Exclusions from our fees:

It is important to note that our fees do not include the costs accrued by third-parties, such as:

  • Home Office and Entry Clearance application fees;
  • The use of experts and expert reports such as medical letters and DNA evidence;
  • The instruction of third-party research specialists and country experts where required;
  • The cost of professional, independent interpreters – a necessity when reading back witness statements intended to serve as evidence-in-chief at hearing;
  • The use of counsel for legal research, drafting grounds and advocacy where required;
  • English language examinations and tuberculosis screening fees;
  • Court and tribunal fees;
  • Travel to and from our offices, to experts or the Tribunal etc; and/or
  • Duplicate documentation beyond that required for your reference, our records and any pending application or appeal