Compass Immigration Law is an established legal practice and are the “go to immigration lawyers” in Bolton and Greater Manchester for individuals and other legal professionals.

Compass Immigration Law Ltd was founded in summer 2011 by a team of friendly and experienced lawyers.

Our aim was clear; to establish a top law firm dedicated to delivering dependable immigration and asylum legal advice and representation with first-rate client care and service. With a Head Office in Bolton supported by a network of associates and outreach surgeries, Compass is in a position to offer legal services to individuals and businesses alike, wherever required. Compass enjoy a very high level of customer satisfaction when making both applications and appeals; we are realistic about your case prospects and how to improve merits.

As a vibrant and creative law firm we strive to ensure provision of the latest technologies and services and are proud to offer legal advice by phone and online. Such a pioneering approach ensures that Compass can meet client expectations globally. Your case is important to us and irrespective of your native language, Compass have access to professional and independent interpreters and document translators to facilitate us in advancing your case.

Compass Immigration Law Ltd – the direct route to immigration expertise.

Our Team

Georgette Thomas

Georgette is dual trained as a Barrister and Solicitor. She is also an accredited level 2 senior caseworker under the IAAS scheme.

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Dipendra Fakira

Dipendra is an accredited level 2 senior caseworker under the IAAS scheme.

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Tirza Fairey

Tirza is an Assistant Immigration Consultant and will be your first point of contact when contacting or visiting the office.

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